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WENSUIJIA veterinary patient monitor

Shop online !Patient monitor is suitable for veterinary and provides multi parameter monitor ,The medical device is more sophisticated before veterinary equipment, it is well-designed with user-friendly operating system and can work well.

Besides, this patient monitor can be connected with the other smart terminals such as PC and Android phones

Its TFT LCD can display  6 parameters and Wave forms clearly:ECG HR, NIBP, SpO2, PR and TEMP


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  • Usage: Medical Monitor
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    Patient Monitor Sensor Probe Accessories


    BCI Animal Ear Clip

    Veterinary Electrode Clip

    Three-lead ECG Temperature Lead

    Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff


    WENSUIJIA  Multi Parameter Veterinary Equipment

    The patient monitor integrates parameter measurement and waveform monitoring functions. The medical device is designed to be used as a necessary equipment instrument for veterinary surgery and daily work.

    TFT LCD can display 6 parameters and Waveforms :

    • ECG(Electrocardiograph),

    • HR(heart rate),

    • NIBP(noninvasive blood pressure),

    • SpO2, PR(pulse rate),

    • TEMP(body temperature).

    Besides, the veterinary equipment  can be connected with the other smart terminals,such as PC and Android phones.

    The multi parameter monitor comes with various monitor sensor accessories, include animal ear clip, veterinary electrode clip, three-lead ECG temperature Lead and disposable blood pressure cuffs

    The veterinary monitor is cost-effective veterinary equipment.

    Veterinary Patient Monitor Feature

    ➤2.4 inch TFT LCD, display parameters and waveform.

    ➤1800mA lithium battery inside, Can work last for12 hours.

    ➤Multi-parameter monitoring, including ECG, respiration, SpO2, blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature(Fahrenheit degree)

    ➤Provides various types of sensors, suitable for all types of animals.

    ➤supports USB, serial port, Bluetooth communication and easy to connect with other smart terminals such as PC, PAD, Apple and Android phones.


    Veterinary Patient Monitor Specification

    Operation System




    145mm x 85mm x 37mm

    Operation Environment

    Temperature: -50℉-+104℉



    2.4 inch Color TFT LCD


    Waveform: Lead I

    Band width 0.05Hz-100Hz(3dB) diagnose mode


    Chest impedance method

    Scope: 0 bpm to 100bpm



    Type: Vascular/surface temperature

    Scope: 68℉-122℉



    Systolic blood pressure: 4kPa-34kPa(30-255mmHg)

    Diastolic pressure: 2kPa-29.3kPa(15-220mmHg)

    Mean pressure: 2.7kPa-31.3kPa(20-235mmHg)



    Detection scope: 35%-100%

    Accuracy: ±2% 80%-100%

    Heart Rate


    Scope: 15bpm to 300bpm

    AC adapter



    Output:DC 5V 1A


    3.7V,1800mAh lithium batter y


    2 Years

    Veterinary Patient Monitor Usage

    This multi parameter animal monitor is very suitable for pet clinics, animal hospitals and animal beauty salons.

    The products are durable and stable in quality.

    We provide technical and accessories supports.


    Frequently Asked Questions of Patient Monitor

    Does multi parameter monitor include all of the necessary probes for monitoring patients?

    ➤  The veterinary medical device comes with various sensor probes.

    It includes animal ear clips, body cavity probes, veterinary electrode clips, various sizes of veterinary blood pressure cuffs.

    ➤ We offer separate sales of sensor probes.

    Does veterinary equipment come with all the different cuff sizes?

    ➤The verterinay equipment provide five disposable blood cuffs 1-5#, together with one reusable blood cuff. Here are the size details

    1#disposable blood cuffs  1.5cm-3.3cm

    2# disposable blood cuffs  4.2cm-7.1cm

    3# disposable blood cuffs   5cm-10.5cm

    4#disposable blood cuffs  6.9cm-11.7cm

    5#disposable blood cuffs  8.9cm-15cm.

    Reusable blood cuff size is 6cm-11cm.

     ➤These different cuff size are suitable for all types of animals.

    Does patient monitor display the temperature in Fahrenheit ?

     We offer two different temperature for choosing 

    ➤WENSUIJIA veterinary  patient monitor AB6100-S display the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit

    ➤The patient monitor AM6100 display the temperature in  degrees Celsius

    How to connect veterinary monitor through the Bluetooth?

     You JUST take two step to connect the veterinary equipment with Bluetooth 

    ➤ First step : connect the veterinary monitor with your smartphones through Bluetooth (WENSUIJIA)

    ➤ Second step : Download APP on Google play (only available on PAD) to monitor the parameters

    Android: monitor for pad

    IOS: pet monitor

    Is the battery rechargeable and does it come with the cord to recharge it?

    ➤Yes, the build-in battery inside patient monitor is  rechargeable and come with the cord to recharge it.

    We provide the battery sale online 


    Where do I download the app with customizable respiration rate alerts?

    ➤Download APP on Google play (only available on PAD) to monitor the parameters

    Android: monitor for pad, IOS: pet monitor.

    ➤Finish install ,the respiration rate will be displayed during the measurement.

    ➤The respiration rate is automatically calculated in conjunction with the ECG data.

    Patient Monitor Is Available online Sales from ONE Pieces

    Welcome to order WENSUIJIA Veterinary Patient Monitor

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