Ferrari’s first quarter net profit of 180 million euros, global sales increased by 23%


[Global Network comprehensive report] According to the Associated Press reported on May 7, Ferrari Automobile Co., Ltd. said that the company’s first quarter net profit was 180 million euros (about 1.4 billion yuan), higher than the 149 million euros in the same period last year (about In addition, in the first quarter, Ferrari’s global sales volume was 2,610 units, a year-on-year increase of 23%. Among them, the Chinese market has strong sales. It is reported that the Ferrari Portofino model with V8 engine contributed a lot in the first quarter, because consumers are increasingly demanding luxury sports cars. Ferrari said that before the implementation of new emission standards, the delivery of the Chinese market will continue to be strong, and the demand in the US and European markets will also increase.
In addition, Ferrari is optimistic about this year’s earnings outlook and expects its revenue growth to exceed 3%.

Post time: May-09-2019