The new Mercedes-Benz EQC pure electric SUV is eye-catchingly launched, opening a new era of electric luxury travel


[Global Car Channel Comprehensive Report] From then on, electric + luxury! A new era of imaginative travel, Mercedes-Benz! Today, Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd. announced that the new Mercedes-Benz EQC pure electric SUV has officially entered the Chinese market. This listing brings two models-the new Mercedes-Benz EQC pure electric SUV 400 4MATIC and the new Mercedes-Benz EQC pure electric SUV 400 4MATIC, a limited edition of the 1886 generation. The listing of the new EQC pure electric SUV marks that it has become the first domestically produced luxury pure electric model in the Chinese market. Its every stitch, every screw, every current, and every service depicts Mercedes-Benz in order to achieve Efforts to redefine the vision of luxury electric mobility. Starting from the new EQC pure electric SUV, this model combines both electric and luxury-two models that meet the important attributes of the times, so that “fish” and “bear paw” can have both! At the same time, as the first electric vehicle model under Mercedes-Benz’s “Made in China, Global Quality” strategy, the new EQC pure electric SUV strictly implements the global uniform manufacturing standard of the three-pointed star emblem from R & D, testing, and production, showing that the inventor of the car is facing new electric vehicles The sincerity of the times.


Mr. Hubertus Troska, member of the board of directors of Daimler AG and responsible for Greater China, said: “The new Mercedes-Benz EQC pure electric SUV is the first domestic luxury pure electric model in the Chinese market. It is 100% electric , 100% Mercedes-Benz, perfectly integrates the quiet, smooth and zero-emission driving experience with the star emblem quality expected by Chinese customers. In the future, we plan to launch more new energy vehicle products in China, including pure electric And plug-in hybrid models, and in cooperation with BAIC Group, put most of them into production in China. “


“Promoting sustainable development and green mobility is the responsibility of every car company, and we also integrate this responsibility and enthusiasm into every new energy product of Mercedes-Benz.” Party Secretary and Chairman of Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Xu Heyi said, “The listing of the new EQC pure electric SUV represents a new milestone for China’s luxury electric vehicle field, and also marks the further deepening of the strategic cooperation between BAIC Group and Daimler Group in the field of new energy, opening a new Epoch. In the future, we will continue to bring more clean and efficient electric products to Chinese consumers. “

Mr. Jan Madeja, President and CEO of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales & Service Co., Ltd. said: “China is the world’s largest new energy vehicle market, and the new EQC pure electric SUV is the first mass production under the EQ brand. Pure electric models have a pioneering luxury design concept, and bring excellent safe driving and luxury quality, as well as thoughtful comprehensive charging and after-sales service to provide customers with a more convenient life. In the future, we will also introduce in the Chinese market More attractive pure electric models, and strive to meet or exceed the expectations of Chinese customers. “


The listing ceremony, which belongs to the new era of electric, is bound to be a carnival of many cutting-edge technologies. That night, Beijing Phoenix International Media Center, a green energy-saving and low-carbon environmental protection, was full of electricity and starlight. The design concept of this building is based on the illustration of the Mobius circle, and the unique shape is organically integrated with the natural landscape of Chaoyang Park. The listing event was carefully designed, using electric and luxurious discussion as a foreshadowing, not sticking to traditional forms, relying on detailed and vivid information and content delivery to create a technology conference that combines tradition and pioneering. The high-tech display combining laser and video was staged in turn at the conference, creating an impactful luxury audio-visual feast for the guests present. In addition, the guests also took a close look at the vehicle product structure and technology highlights in the “EQ Future Garden” exclusively created for the new EQC listing. From “visible luxury”, “invisible luxury”, “experienced” “Luxury” three dimensions to fully experience the luxury experience brought by the new EQC pure electric SUV.

Visible luxury, beautiful journey

At night, the new EQC pure electric SUV and the Phoenix International Media Center complement each other. When the “space and time ring” quietly lights up, the front of the car seems to be surrounded by electric current, and the light is captivating. “Design aesthetics.

The new EQC pure electric SUV has a muscular proportion, a slender and smooth roof line, a window layout with a low waistline, and a coupe-like roof rear. This exquisite overall design has created a wind resistance coefficient as low as 0.28, which makes the gallop more powerful. The black grille panel unique to the EQ family on the front is highly recognizable, highlighting the classic design genes of Mercedes-Benz. The “circle of time and space” formed by the daytime running lights and taillights running through the upper edge of the grille is like the dawn of a new era of electric, with a sense of future and technology. The geometric multi-beam LED headlights with 24 adjustable independent light sources on each side are equipped with an enhanced version of the adaptive high-beam auxiliary system as standard, which can automatically adjust the lighting range and combine design aesthetics with practicality.


The beauty of the interior is equally natural. With a typical asymmetrically designed wing profile, it creates a cockpit that is biased towards the driver’s side. The decorative strip that runs through the center console from the door uses a layered design method to interact with the external “space and time ring” and integrates into the overall style of the center console designed by the classic embracing concert hall. “Opera-style” multi-dimensional spatial visual experience. In the night, turn on the 64-color ambient atmosphere lighting system with 10 atmosphere themes, supplemented by the dual 10.25-inch high-definition display in front of the eyes. The colorful colors create a dreamlike atmosphere like an art theater. The rose gold stitching details on the seat echo the air-conditioning air vents decorated with key-shaped rose gold trims. The sound of the Berlin Sound is equipped to add unlimited listening enjoyment to the journey with melodious music. The true meaning.

Hold on to the steering wheel, where is your next stop? A “Hello, Mercedes”, MBUX human-computer intelligent interaction system equipped with EQ exclusive functions, immediately respond to your needs. Before departure, the intimate climate pre-control function can be used to pre-heat and pre-cool the vehicle through MBUX or mobile app. This function can also intelligently identify the owner’s usage habits through MBUX and big data, so as to adjust the climate and control accordingly by setting the air-conditioning temperature, allowing you to sit in the car and enjoy comfort. After being on the road, the EV optimized path planning function can provide you with efficient and intelligent route planning and charging solutions based on real-time information such as energy consumption, road conditions, and charging station usage. You can also freely set minimum power requirements between 10% and 50% and say goodbye to “mileage anxiety” completely. There is also “Real-world Crossing Navigation” to accompany you. The real-world road environment and virtual navigation instructions are superimposed, so that you will no longer “go astray”. During the journey, as the first Mercedes-Benz model equipped with Haze Terminator 3.0, the new EQC pure electric SUV is equipped with a new PM 2.5 sensor that can detect the PM2.5 value inside and outside the car and display it on the interactive screen. When the external pollution reaches a high level, the air in the car will be automatically circulated to ensure that the air in the car is always clean and comfortable, protecting the health of you and your family.


Unseen luxury, peace of mind

As a 100% Mercedes-Benz, the new EQC pure electric SUV continues Mercedes ’luxury and safety, strictly abides by Mercedes’ global unified manufacturing standards, and takes into consideration the premise of actual road conditions and differences in driving habits in the Chinese market. After rigorous tests and tests, more outstanding active and passive safety performance and electric safety have been provided, so that Chinese customers can enjoy a reliable and reliable luxury electric travel life.

The premise of luxury is safety. The new EQC pure electric SUV has excellent passive safety guarantees from Mercedes-Benz: a new sub-frame specially designed for EQC to provide structural protection for the front motor, and an integrated anti-collision structure around the battery pack The sturdy frame brings outstanding stability and safety to vehicles and occupants, which has earned it the E-NCAP “Five Star” highest safety rating. The new EQC is equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s most cutting-edge driver assistance technology, including active safety and preventive safety. These include active lane keeping, intelligent pilot distance, and blind spot assistance. It is worth mentioning that the path-based speed adjustment function can not only intelligently pilot the distance limit based on the radar sensors and cameras in front of the vehicle, but also the distance feedback information during navigation, such as when a high-speed cruise encounters a toll station in front of the island Or if there is traffic jam ahead, the vehicle will automatically slow down to deal with the road ahead.


The core of luxury is quality. As an electric vehicle, the new EQC follows the safety genes of Mercedes-Benz, making driving and driving more reliable and reliable with the most stringent tests and road tests. More than 200 prototypes and production vehicles have been comprehensively tested with a total mileage of more than 4.5 million kilometers worldwide, while more than 250,000 kilometers have been tested in China, including rigorous road tests of more than 500 test schemes, as far as possible Simulate all real life usage scenarios to make driving safer and worry-free. Under the rigorous test of the NEDC comprehensive working condition standard, the new EQC has a cruising range of 415 kilometers, which fully meets the current urban travel needs of Chinese customers. At the same time, at the highest rated power of 90 kilowatts, the new EQC DC fast charge takes less than 45 minutes from 10% to 80% of the power; if a Mercedes-Benz smart wall box installed at home, the AC charging starts from It takes less than 12 hours to charge 10% to 100%, making electric life more convenient.

The essence of luxury is feeling. The front windshield and front side windshield of the new EQC pure electric SUV are made of special materials with better sound insulation, and two levels of shock absorption are used between the sub-frame, motor system and body structure, which makes the interior quietness comparable. The S-Class sedan allows passengers to enjoy quiet and safe electric travel. The new EQC is equipped with an independently developed electric drive system, with a compact motor on each of the front and rear axles, with a total output of 300 kilowatts, a peak torque of 730 N · m, and an acceleration time of 100 kilometers in only 5.1 seconds, bringing indulgence control comparable to performance models Feel.


Experience luxury, worry-free car use

With the launch of the new EQC pure electric SUV, Mercedes-Benz will provide pre-sales and after-sales services including pre-sales and after-sales services with a “voyage management station” five “star” charging service and a convenient offline new retail experience model. The comprehensive one-stop worry-free car experience such as the previous one-stop sales and service platform allows Chinese customers to fully experience the “experienced luxury”.

“Navigation management station”-five kinds of “star” charging services based on different occasions to protect your electric life. Among them, “Star Steward” solves the domestic problems and provides home Mercedes-Benz smart charging wall boxes and charging wall box installation services; “Star Travel” can query the charging pile in real time, so that customers can enjoy Mercedes-Benz car owners’ exclusive mobile phones and mobile phones during the public charging process. APP platform, which will cover more than 90% of the available public charging piles in 300 cities across the country, and will open up 70% of the charging piles in real time, while covering about 60,000 DC charging piles; “Star Escort” is specially designed for electric vehicle customers , Providing an upgraded version of road rescue services, including an unlimited number of 24-hour trailer rescue services and emergency mobile charging vehicle services for electric vehicle upgrades; and “Star Assistant” will continue to be available in 22 cities nationwide (first in 14 Pilots in airports in 5 cities) provide valet charging and parking services to solve the problems of inconvenient charging in office areas in urban areas, unable to find parking spaces or charging piles when going out, and inconvenient charging at airport parking; EQC sales and after-sale cities are the first to provide a Mercedes-Benz smart charging station network, first in urban hot spots (such as me experience stores) and landmarks Areas (such as airports) and dealers will be laid to establish a branded Mercedes-Benz charging station, and a branded charging pile will be laid at the dealer to meet customers’ daily use needs.

In order to allow EQ customers to experience the luxury from the three-pointed star badge and create a more intimate electric travel life, Mercedes-Benz will be the first to select 59 dealers in 19 cities across the country from the existing 600 dealers. EQC sales and after-sales service. At the same time, based on the existing dealer network, a new electric vehicle new retail model is provided-the Mercedes-Benz EQ Experience Station, which integrates new brand experience, new car sales and consulting, customer retention and interaction. Committed to creating an exclusive, temperature, free, personalized electric life service community for EQ users. Two Mercedes-Benz EQ experience stations in Shanghai and one experience station in Beijing will be opened before the end of the year, bringing users a refreshing EQ life experience. In addition, the new EQC pure electric SUV’s high-voltage batteries, motors, and drive motor controllers have a warranty period of 8 years or 160,000 kilometers, and free basic maintenance services of 6 years or 120,000 kilometers are provided to provide customers with assured after-sales protection (above Both services are based on time or mileage first).

The new EQC pure electric SUV brings together Mercedes-Benz’s cutting-edge technological achievements in the field of electric drive, and combines luxury with electric to redefine electric luxury travel. Its birth means that Mercedes-Benz has taken a landmark step in the field of electric mobility. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The three-pointed star emblem will take root now, imagine the future, lead a new era of human travel, and write a magnificent chapter facing the new era.

Post time: Dec-06-2019