Ford research: 42% of American consumers believe that electric vehicles need to refuel

According to foreign media reports, a study conducted by Ford shows that current car consumers still do not know enough about the nature and advantages of electric vehicles. The results of the study show that consumers have a lot of misunderstandings about electric vehicles. This is particularly true in the United States, where 42% of Americans say they believe electric vehicles still need to be filled with gasoline to drive.
The study surveyed consumers from the US, Europe and China, and Ted Cannis, global director of Ford Motorization, shared the results on Medium. Cannis said there is still a gap between “what an electric car can do” and “what consumers think electric cars can do.” This gap covers multiple areas, such as the performance of electric vehicles and the experience of electric vehicles.
Of the people surveyed by Ford, 90% of respondents did not believe that electric vehicles have the advantages of faster acceleration and superior driving experience. About 67% of Americans and 68% of Europeans believe that electric vehicles do not have the ability to tow other vehicles, and Ford has just demonstrated its electric F-150 with the ability to drag 1 million pounds of cargo. In addition, 80% of Americans believe that they will not buy electric cars due to extreme weather. Nearly 65% ​​of Americans interested in buying AWD vehicles say they will not consider buying electric cars.
However, the biggest misunderstanding of electric vehicles is that 42% of Americans believe that electric vehicles are still powered by gasoline. There may be several reasons behind this misunderstanding, one of which may be the confusion between electric and hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The latter two models are still equipped with internal combustion engines, often referred to as “Electrified Vehicles”, and their names are very similar to “Electric Vehicles”.
Cannis pointed out that another cause of this misunderstanding may come from consumer habits, as owners of hybrid and plug-in hybrids still need to travel regularly to gas stations. Therefore, using a power source to refuel a car at home is like charging a normal electronic device, which may seem unnatural for some consumers. Cannis also said that this is the biggest misunderstanding of electric vehicles. A survey of electric vehicle owners showed that 80% of the vehicle’s charging process was done at home and at work.
In addition to revealing misunderstandings about electric vehicles, Cannis also said that strengthening education and getting people to know electric cars correctly is a job that should be done immediately. In this blog post, Cannis uses a lot of space to describe Ford’s efforts in manufacturing electric vehicles. He said that Ford will launch a fast, convenient and safe electric car that will meet all expectations of internal combustion engine vehicles. The company has not yet demonstrated the electric car, but the car is likely to be Mach E SUV inspired by Mustang, or will be launched in 2020.

Post time: Sep-24-2019