GM considers the resurrection Hummer “oil tiger” or turned into a pure electric car


[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the US “Automotive News” reported on June 17, informed sources revealed that General Motors is considering the development of an electric version of Hummer. GM plans to electrify its SUVs and pickups and is considering which models to start with. Ten years ago, the image of Hummer’s “oil tiger” was not pleasing; today’s emission standards are more stringent than the standards of Hummer’s hot sale. In addition, consumer demand for off-road SUVs continues to grow, and GM is considering taking the opportunity to “resurrect” Hummer.
GM is trying to transform itself from a traditional fuel car manufacturer to a car that is embraced by CEO Mary Bola and embraces the “pure electric future.” GM is working hard to develop the next generation of electric vehicles, and Hummer is one of its many options. Other automakers are also busy producing electric vehicles of commercial value.
But when asked about this, General Motors President Mark Reuss did not give a definite answer. Reuss said at a press conference on June 12: “I love Hummer. I am not sure, we will look at all of its models.”
BEV3 plan
GM is currently busy with two major electric vehicle programs. The first is the BEV3 project, which aims to develop passenger cars, crossover SUVs and many other small and medium-sized models. GM is committed to launching 20 electric models worldwide by 2023, including the BEV3 project. The second plan is to produce electric pickup trucks and other full-size models, some of which have off-road performance.
Among the GM’s brands, there are large SUVs such as Chevrolet Suburban and Cadillac Escalade, as well as larger models such as the Universal Sierra pickup truck and the Yukon SUV. GM also has the Denali version of the luxury model and the AT4 brand of off-road trucks. Reus said that all models can be equipped with an electric power system.
After the bankruptcy of Hummer in 2009, GM still retained the brand, but stopped selling in 2010. The weight of this model is too large to meet the government’s fuel economy test standards, further annoying environmentalists. The oil price rose to $100 a barrel, which eventually led to the end of the fate of Hummer.
In 1992, GM first released the civilian version of the armored Hummer military vehicle, and in 1998 acquired the Hummer. The armored Hummer military vehicle was known for its great role in the Gulf War. California Governor Schwarzenegger publicly supported the brand and its first model in the early years, the later Hummer H1. After being slated by General Income, the $60,000 Hummer H2 SUV was launched in 2002. This model uses parts of the Chevrolet pickup and SUV. The Hummer H2 is loved by many consumers who value performance and appearance. GM has introduced medium-sized H3 SUVs and H3T pickups.
According to data from the Automotive News data center, Hummer’s sales peaked in 2006, with sales in the US market reaching 71,524 units, but by 2010, sales fell below 4,000 units.
Follow Jeep
According to the person familiar with the matter, GM has been paying attention to the development of the Jeep brand in the past few years. Jeep is the brand of Fiat Chrysler Automobile Company. GM is also considering whether it can take a share in this market.
Two people familiar with the matter said that GM saw an opportunity to compete with Jeep for the off-road vehicle market, which has high comfort and high insurance premiums. GM designers have used the Hummer concept to design and try to add a little Hummer style to the future of the GM brand.
Even if GM passed the plan to manufacture electric hummers, this model will take many years to come out. The GM electric truck program is steadily moving, but only after the BEV3 small car is released, these models are likely to enter the market. Cadillac may have the opportunity to produce the first electric models.
In the early 2019, GM was discussing the formation of a joint venture with Rivian Motors to produce electric trucks in the suburbs of Detroit, USA. After the transaction was aborted, GM accelerated the development of its own electric pickup trucks and SUV projects.
GM is not the only car manufacturer that believes that large luxury electric vehicles have potential. After the GM transaction was aborted, Ford Motor Company invested $500 million in Rivian to produce electric pickups. The plug-in hybrid version of the Land Rover Range Rover will also be available this summer. Jaguar Land Rover also collaborated with BMW to develop an electric drive system.
Elon Musk said at the Tesla annual meeting on June 11 that he is working on a power pickup that will not only perform basic work, but also have a driving experience similar to Porsche. He plans to release the car this summer.

Post time: Jun-26-2019