Ningde era many technologies unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

At the Frankfurt Motor Show held recently, the Ningde era demonstrated a number of technologies, including low-cost and high-performance power battery development platform, super fast charging technology, and battery self-heating technology.


● Low cost and high performance power battery platform


The quality reduction is a problem faced by all battery companies all over the world. At present, the Ningde era has developed a new CTP battery pack that integrates the battery directly into the battery pack. Since the battery module assembly process is omitted, the CTP battery pack volume utilization rate is increased by 15%-20% compared with the conventional battery pack, the number of battery pack parts is reduced by 40%, the production efficiency is increased by 50%, and the power battery is greatly reduced. Manufacturing costs.


It is reported that thanks to the internal structure, the energy density of CTP battery packs will increase by 10%-15% compared with traditional battery packs. The traditional battery pack has an average energy density of 180 Wh/kg, while the CTP battery pack has an energy density of 200 Wh/kg or more. At present, Ningde era has obtained more than 70 CTP core patents.


● 15 minutes charging 80% super fast charging technology


At the auto show, the Ningde era also introduced a super fast charging technology that can charge 80% in just 15 minutes. For some customized needs, the Ningde era also developed an 80% turbine charging solution in 9 minutes.


In order to avoid the cost increase and inconvenience of replacing the battery, Ningde era has developed a battery product that matches the service life of the vehicle according to different usage scenarios of the user. For daily use of private cars, the battery can meet the driving needs of more than 8 years; for operating vehicles, it provides long-life battery products that can operate 600,000 kilometers for 6 years.


●Battery performance that can also be self-heating at low temperatures


The power battery has a very high temperature environment, and the low temperature in winter will affect the battery life. As battery technology continues to increase, the temperature range in which it maintains optimal operation is becoming more widespread. The self-heating technology of the Ningde era identifies the battery state through the BMS battery management system, which can raise the battery temperature from -20 °C to 10 °C in 15 minutes, increase the charging capacity by 5 times, and increase the discharge capacity by 7 times.


In addition, battery safety is one of the most concerned issues for electric vehicle users. In order to ensure battery safety, Ningde era has established a complete security system from product design, battery manufacturing, system integration, BMS management, after-sales service, and scrap recycling.

Post time: Sep-12-2019